Rational Acoustics Releases SMAART v.7.4

by Frank Hammel
in News

Screenshot shows Smaart v.7.4 updated Impulse Response Mode Now shipping, Smaart v.7.4 acoustics software adds many powerful GUI and measurement capability enhancements, and features, including a complete overhaul of the Impulse Response Mode and integration of the measurement/analysis capabilities from Smaart Acoustic Tools. It also adds improved versions of its intelligibility and acoustic response capabilities, tweaks such as timed or infinite peak holds, Dual Spectrographs (for simultaneously viewing two plots), Multi-Device Transfer Function measurements, user-defined views/zooms and Enhanced Trace dB offset.

More details from Rational Acoustics (www.rationalacoustics.com):

PUTNAM, CT — Rational Acoustics recently announced the release of the fourth major version update for Smaart v.7 measurement platform – Smaart v.7.4.  This latest release comprises many powerful GUI and measurement capability enhancements, user-requested feature additions, and of course, the continued migration of popular legacy features from earlier versions. Probably the most notable among v.7.4’s updates is the complete overhaul of Smaart’s Impulse Response Mode, including a significant user interface update and a comprehensive integration the measurement and analysis capabilities from Smaart AcousticTools.

Released in early 2001, Smaart AcousticTools offered a user-friendly tandem of programs for creating and analyzing time domain–based files and Impulse Response measurements. While earlier releases of Smaart v7 included some AcousticTools features, the v7.4. update completes the integration process with the addition of enhanced versions of all of its intelligibility and acoustic response capabilities, including: T60/RT60, EDT, D/R, Clarity (C10, C35, C50, C80), TLow, TMid, Bass Ratio (TLow/TMid), %ALCons, STI (measured indirectly from impulse response), STIPA and CIS.
Smaart v.7.4 also offers a slew of new usability enhancements such as Peak Holds with either timed or infinite hold capability, Locked Cursors which allows users to snap current peaks with a hotkey or track the highest peak in a trace in real time and Dual Spectrographs in which users can display two spectrograph plots simultaneously.  User-driven features such as Multi-Device Transfer Function Measurements, User-Defined Views and Zooms and Enhanced Trace dB offset have also been included.

“Four years ago, when we started Rational Acoustics and began the v7 project of rebuilding and re-envisioning Smaart, one of our primary goals was to bring all of the measurement and analysis capabilities we had developed over our 10+ years as SIA software with the previous Smaart, SmaartLive and AcousticTools programs to fruition on our new platform." says Jamie Anderson, Rational CEO. "With the release of the 7.4 update, we’ve taken a major leap forward towards achieving that objective.”

A detailed list of the new features in Smaart v.7.4 can be found on the Rational Acoustics web site. Also, a full Revision History including new features and bug fixes, detailed function descriptions, and a full listing of all accelerator (hot) keys is included in the Smaart v.7.4 Help files.

The Smaart v.7.4 update is free to all registered Smaart v.7 users. Updates to the security and licensing system for Smaart v.7.4 will require users to perform a fresh installation of Smaart when updating, including deactivating their old previous-version installs.  Full instructions for updating to v.7.4 can be found in the Support section of the Rational Acoustics web site.