StreetSounds Provides ‘Music on Main Street’ for Historic SC Downtown

by Debi Moen
in News

SMYRNA, GA — AirNetix LLC of Smyrna, GA, recently installed StreetSounds wireless audio system in the historic downtown area of Laurens, SC. The city can use the system to offer ambient holiday music, transmit a live band's performance, make emergency announcements, serve as an alarm system and other situations requiring audio. Because the system can be mounted on existing streetlight poles, the installation was easy and didn't require reconstruction of the Public Square.

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The sounds of Jingle Bells and Frosty the Snowman wafted gently through historic downtown Laurens, SC during their annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony in late November 2016. The sounds were coming from a newly installed StreetSounds wireless audio system provided by AirNetix LLC of Smyrna, GA.

Jonathan Irick, executive director for Main Street Laurens, selected the StreetSounds system after a demonstration of the gear earlier in the year. 

“We were looking for something to replace an old wired system that was no longer being used, but was missed by our local business owners and townspeople” says Irick, who also lives in the downtown area. “The StreetSounds system provides us with very high quality music for anything from background music to enhance the shopping mood, to much higher volume music for our many festivals, farmers markets, parades, and other events held in the Public Square. 

“Since StreetSounds is a streaming audio technology, we can send live audio over the system for real-time announcements such as ‘lost child’ or a weather emergency, or to enhance the coverage of the bands and entertainers that we use for our festivals.  The StreetSounds system is very flexible and lets us move the master transmitter from one place to another. So during the day we stream our Pandora audio service, but during a festival we can move the transmitter to the band’s location and send band’s audio through the system.”

Mike Hooper, president of AirNetix, LLC said, “The city of Laurens understands the value of Music on Main Street but didn’t want to tear up streets and sidewalks to achieve it. After demonstrating the robust wireless performance and audio quality of StreetSounds, Jonathan convinced the city to fund the project. They are very pleased with their decision.”

The StreetSounds radios are mounted on streetlight poles around the Public Square and send audio in two directions down the sidewalk. The radios are housed in a rugged cast aluminum enclosure and are designed to withstand the rigors of weather from summer heat to winter cold. Each wireless radio includes a two-channel 70 watt audio amplifier which can provide enough sound coverage for the open public area during a crowded event, or background music during shopping hours. The StreetSounds radios get their AC power by plugging into AC outlet on the streetlight pole.

The system includes a comprehensive PC-based Network Management System (NMS) that gives individual control and monitoring of each radio. So if one particular area needs a softer sound, the volume for the radio in that area can turned down. The NMS system includes a Scheduler with six zones that can turn on or off a group of radios at a designated time for any day of the week. There is also a comprehensive alarm monitor that will notify the operator via text and email if there is a problem in the system.

Irick says, “The StreetSounds system sounds great. We continue to get very positive comments from folks in the downtown area. In fact, during our first day using the system, our Mayor said ‘turn it up!’ The music really enhances the mood of our downtown and creates a new upbeat vibe, which our merchants really appreciate.”

StreetSounds is now in limited production and is available for installations only in the US and Canada. Systems are currently installed in Laurens, SC; Kernersville, NC; Smyrna, GA, and Franklin, KY, with others scheduled for later this year.