Riedel iPad App for Artist Digital Matrix Intercom Systems

by Frank Hammel
in New Gear

Riedel iPad App for Artist Digital Matrix Intercom SystemsLAS VEGAS —Riedel Communications’ Artist Level Meter app for iPad was featured at NAB. By monitoring and controlling up to eight freely assignable audio inputs of an Artist digital matrix intercom system, the iPad app allows the intercom administrator to manage the four-wire input levels of an Artist system from anywhere.

More details from Riedel (www.riedel.net):

"Our Artist Level Meter app extends both the utility and convenience of our popular intercom solution," said Thomas Riedel, CEO at Riedel Communications. "By offering Riedel customers a wireless solution for controlling the gains on the Artist's four-wire inputs, we give them an even higher level of flexibility and convenience, especially in larger digital intercom installations."

The Artist Level Meter app complements Riedel's Artist Director configuration software, a full-fledged management system that runs on PC systems and provides comprehensive access, setup, and control of any aspect of an Artist system. When administrators are away from the computer, the iPad app gives them wireless access and configuration capabilities.

Riedel demonstrated this new app at the 2013 NAB Show, held in Las Vegas in early April.