Clear-Com Tempest2400 Enhancements

by Frank Hammel
in New Gear

Clear-Com Tempest Remote Line ExtenderFRANKFURT, Germany — Clear-Com presented enhancements to its Tempest Digital Wireless Intercoms at PL+S 2013 (Hall 8.0, Stand L51) that included a Remote Line Extender, enhancing the product’s ability to provide wireless communications capabilities in RF-rich environments.

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Clear-Com Tempest 2400 product familyThe Tempest2400 is a 2.4-GHz, feature-rich wireless intercom with either a two- or four-channel offering that delivers cutting-edge RF technologies to ensure interference-free communications for tours and performance facilities. The Tempest2400 offers a Seamless Roaming feature, which provides users with continuous wireless coverage across an expanded production space. The Seamless Roaming feature allows BeltStation users to migrate between as many as 16 different Tempest BaseStations (coverage areas or zones), allowing audio professionals to focus on critical production cues rather than on the settings of their wireless BeltStations. This gives them the ability to move freely and wirelessly throughout large venues separated by large distances, such as multi-studio complexes and sports arenas. Both Seamless Roaming and iSelect Roaming are available to accommodate virtually every application need.

The new Tempest Remote Transceiver Line Extender increases the system’s cable run distance of a remote antenna by 3,000 feet (914 meters), with one Line Extender or 2,000 feet (609 meters) per Line Extender if using more than one Line Extender. This allows for the deployment of larger systems with longer cable runs from the BaseStation. A total of three Line Extenders can be connected to provide total coverage of up to 7,500 feet (2286 meters).