Sommer Cable Announces New Gear at PL+S

by Frank Hammel
in New Gear

FRANKFURT, Germany — Sommer Cable featured a new range of Cardinal DVM VCA Keyboard Mixers at PL+S 2013.

More details from Sommer Cable (

DVM-194-VCA Stereo Mixer

Combines the functionality of an absolutely high-fidelity stereo submixer — for the various sound sources on stage or in the studio — with the remote controllability of the master level via a standard swell pedal, thus enabling the perfect dynamics control in any situation.

There are 4 stereo channels one of which also offers a parallel front panel input for the fast hook-up of an additional source (stage keyboard or e.g. MP3 player). Each channel features a tone control.

The Master section offers individual level controls for the main and the mono outputs. The mono out and the headphones out are also switchable to PRE-VCA via pushbuttons, which allows pre-fade listening of sounds even with the master level fully down. The rear side features a line-level version of the headphone bus. Combined with the DVM-194-HPA, a comfortable and efficient personal monitor solution can thus be realised.

The VCA port is used to connect a simple swell pedal (e.g. Yamaha FC-7). The factory setting for this port covers a control range of -80 to +10 dB (at 0 dB output level). Using the optional DVM-194-DIS display unit will give you a permanent visual control of the swell pedal position.

Useful details round off the versatility of the mixer; for instance the main out is also available via EUROBLOCK connectors to facilitate e.g. well-structured rack wirings. Owing to the modular housing concept the device may be combined with other DVM-194 components or connections technologies in the SYSBOXX frame. All outputs are electronically balanced.

Technical Specifications

S/N ratio: —93 dBu (@ 0 dB gain)

Frequency response:         10 Hz — 100,000 Hz (+0.2 / —0.5 dB)

Distortion:         <0.005 % 10 Hz — 40 kHz (ref. to +6 dBu)

max. input level:        +28 dBu @ 10 kohms

max. output level:      +27 dBu @ 600 ohms

Crosstalk: <80 dB @ 1 kHz

Operating voltage:     24 VDC / 300 mA

Dimensions W x H x D:      106.5 x 84 x 133 mm

Weight:     1.1 kg


DVM-120-PBS Headphones Beltpack System

The DVM-120-PBS is an ideal tethered, purely analog — and hence latency-free — and heavy-duty personal monitor solution. Using off-the-shelf microphone cables (max. 50 m with a 0.22 m² line) the central unit provides up to 4 beltpacks with the signal plus the required supply voltage. It offers a stereo input and also an auxiliary sub input, which can be activated individually for each beltpack output. The sub input is often used for command functions in the studio or for the conductor. The inputs are electronically balanced and switchable from +4 dBu to —10 dBV nominal level. The central unt is powered by an integrated wide-range power supply.

The beltpack contains the actual high-performance headphone amplifier. It features a level control, a mute switch, a balance control as well as a tone control. The beltpack can be switched to either stereo, mono or sub input operation mode.

This allows three operating modes:

•       True stereo operation (switch pressed)

•       Dual mono operation

For this mode the selector switch on the bodypack is activated. The balance control is used to set the mix ratio between the two input signals.

•       Mix operation with sub input

For this mode the selector switches both on the bodypack and on the central unit are activated. The balance control is used to set the mix ratio between the combined stereo signal and the sub input.

When designing the product, we placed great value on low noise and a high amplification performance in the bodypack.

All devices of the Cardinal DVM series plus the new system wirings based on the OCTOPUS-HYBRID 443 fibre-optical hybrid cable will be ready for your fingertips at the SOMMER CABLE exhibition stand (hall 8.0, booth J40).


Technical Specifications

Mains supply:            90 — 240 VAC, 15 VA IEC

(with illuminated switch & fuse holder)

Central unit, Dim. W x H x D:     120 x 50 x 260 mm

Beltpack, Dim. W x H x D:           60 x 34 x 114 mm

Weight:              1.2 kg


Statement from Peter Rieck (Distribution and Key Account Manager with Sommer Cable):

“I’m always looking forward to the Prolight+Sound in Frankfurt all year round. This event is and will remain the world’s leading trade fair for Sommer Cable. Extensive talks with customers and users bring us inspiration and also the desired market feedback. It is right here that we love to present new products and show the visitors what we’ve been working on during the past year. We’re heading with strong optimism into the current year; sales figures of the past weeks and months were encouraging. For us and probably for many others, too, the year 2013 will be a sequel of the good year 2012.”