K-array Features KRM33 at PL+S

by Frank Hammel
in New Gear

K-Array KRM33FRANKFURT, Germany — K-array’s KRM33, a.k.a. “cheese box,” is a compact, low-profile wedge speaker with a controlled horizontal pattern and extended frequency response. Applications range from use as under-balcony speakers in theaters to studio use.

More details from K-array (www.k-array.com):

K-Array KRM33K-array is in an all new location this year – Hall 8 booth A72. Drop in and take a look at the latest speaker system creations born from Italian passion and ingenuity.  The KRM33 - or “the cheese box” as it has been affectionately nicknamed is the latest product to join the Redline. It is an ultra-compact and low-profile powered wedge speaker with a controlled horizontal pattern and has an extended frequency response.

K-Array KRM33 - Rear Panel ViewThanks to its features, the KRM33 can be easily and discreetly integrated in scenography designs, broadcast studios as well as under-balcony speakers in theaters.

Along with the KRM33, the K-array team has added another reptile to the loudspeaker portfolio: the Anakonda series – the Kan200 – a  2m long flexible loudspeaker array which actually does resemble a snake. It is the first flexible speaker to hit the market for applications where a traditional speaker box can’t be used. Not only can the flexible speaker perform standalone duties such as a front fill for broadcast studio audiences or under balcony applications, but it also allows up to seven further snakes to be affixed to it, when operating from a single amplifier channel.