Alcons Features LR24, Other Gear at PL+S

by Frank Hammel
in New Gear

Alcons S-series (detail)FRANKFURT, Germany — Alcons featured its LR24 mid-sized pro-ribbon line array system at Prolight+Sound/Musikmesse here. Alcons is calling the LR24 its response to the market demand for linear sound systems, promising a true 1:1, undistorted and non-compressed sound reproduction. Another focus point is the previewing of two micro-sized additions to the S-series (detail pictured here) and B-series, making Alcons’ famous pro-ribbon sound experience available for smaller portable and installed applications.

More details about PL+S/Musikmesse from Alcons (

With the Launch Partner Program started, the system marks an important advance for the company within the concert touring and large-scale installation market.

Taking stage in their final production guise are the Sentinel amplified loudspeaker controllers: With 4-in/4-out, 192kHz AES/EBU inputs, Linux-based processor control, 10kW. audiophile-grade amp.stages, full color touch screen control, this amplified processor platform raises the bar in speaker drive engines.

Also the QR24 pro-ribbon line-source column will be on show: This modular, two-way column-array loudspeaker is to be used as in acoustically-challenging rooms, delivering a full-range high SPL HiFi sound quality, with unparalleled speech intelligibility, without the necessity of DSP-based beamsteering.

As well as the recently introduced award-winning subwoofer BC332 compact cardioid sub, which features 18" + 15" woofers in cardioid arrangement. The cancels the sub frequencies on the rear of the cabinet, reducing the reverberant field for greatly improved the system’s accuracy.

Every year at Prolight+Sound, Alcons exhibit a new 'design study', providing a glimpse of its R&D activities by displaying assembled prototype developments. This year is no exception...

For more information visit: Hall 8.0, stand G60.