Invisible Waves Product Identifies RF Intermodulation

by George Petersen
in New Gear

Kaltman RF-intermodPRORF-intermodPRO™, a new software product that aids in calculating, predicting and 
identifying intermodulation interference of wireless devices, has been introduced by Kaltman Creations LLC under the Invisible Waves™ product banner. The PC-based product refines and simplifies the process of identifying intermodulation distortion (IMD) frequencies in a given RF spectrum and is available as a standalone PC-based software product or as a plug-in option for the Invisible Waves RF Command Center. The intermod software is designed for professional audio wireless 
microphone users, AV installers of wireless devices, frequency coordinators, and broadcasters.

Intermodulation distortion is created when two or more transmission frequencies mix 
together and form new additional signals. Sometimes referred to as "spurious emissions," these newly created frequencies are harmonic as well as the sum and difference of the original 
frequency. And, these newly generated frequencies may be strong enough to cause 
interference to any transmitter that tries to occupy the same RF-spurious emissions space.

The new RF-intermodPRO graphically displays onscreen the predicted locations of these 
intermod components and assists in the frequency coordination process. Based on the user’s 
selection of transmitter models from a device library or custom inventory list, the software will 
advise the user on the best selection of transmitters/frequencies. Additionally, based on zip 
code entry, the software automatically defines and identifies unusable RF spectrum spaced 
around local DTV channels and other local interference. What makes this software stand out 
over other intermod prediction software is the intuitive ease-of-use, "One Click" group 
calculations, Click, Drag & Place spectral graphical representation, custom TX inventory 
profiles, DTV blocks, and stable reliability.

As a plug-in, the RF-intermodPRO works in conjunction with the RF Command Center’s 
Frequency Coordinator, scanning the local RF environment in real-time, identifying open and 
usable RF spectrum, and at the same time performing real-world intermod calculations. 
When the RF-intermodPRO is used as a plug-in with the RF Command Center, the 
combination becomes the most powerful RF coordination solution available.

Detailed product info and demo software can be found under the Invisible Waves products listing at