SanGreal Gold Series Instrument Amplifier

by George Petersen
in New Gear

SanGreal Gold Series Instrument Amplifier LAS VEGAS, NV — Designed from a sound reinforcement perspective, specifically for live stage performance — while equally suitable for studio recording — is the SanGreal Gold Series amplifier. The unit combines a neodymium ribbon driver, advanced woofer and state-of-the-art preamp, control, effects and 400 watts of biamplification for full range reproduction of guitars, harps, violins, pianos, harmonicas, mandolins, banjos, brass, woodwinds, accordions and more. Optional tube preamps provide the choice of ultra-clean sound, classic warm tonality or a bluesy groove.

Intended for the discriminating pro musician, the SanGreal Gold Series amplifier also offers powerful three-band equalization, multi-mode reverberation with selectable contour on both channels 1 and 2, two effects sends/returns and a switchable narrow band notch filter on channels 1 and 2.

The unique acoustic cabinet design and operational features provide optimal functionality and flexibility.  For example, the SanGreal can function as both an instrument amplifier and stage monitor, either simultaneously, or individually. It can also be used as a FOH powered loudspeaker in a pole-mounted or a low-profile wedge configuration. The high performance and robust construction provide both concert tour reliability and studio quality performance. Input choices are 1/4-inch and balanced mic/line with a balanced direct out.

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