Roland 32-Channel iPad Controlled V-Mixer

by George Petersen
in New Gear

Roland M-200i MixerLos Angeles, CA – Roland Systems Group previews the Roland M-200i, a compact mixing solution for those who want the flexibility and mobility of comprehensive iPad control fused with the precision of a professional digital mixing console. The M-200i makes its debut at the InterBEE show in Tokyo, Japan on November 14, 2012. The physical console features a 32-channel architecture with 17 motorized faders, 8 AUX, 4 Matrix, 8 DCA’s, 24 physical inputs and 14 outputs. In addition to the physical inputs the M-200i can mix in audio sources from the USB ports via computer or flash key.

If you don’t have an iPad available, the console is fully controllable via the built in LCD screen along with buttons to navigate all the mixing parameters in the M-200i. Never before has a digital mixing console given this much flexibility, control and accuracy in an iPad along with a tactile control surface.

iPad Flexibility
The iPad app is fully functional on all key aspects of the M-200i mixing and control parameters. It not only contains the typical controls for gain, pan high pass filters and parametric/graphic EQs, it also includes the ability to store and recall scenes, tweak compressors and gates, sends, faders, effect editing and many other controls. This enables complete remote control of a mix from any location in the room.

Wirelessly connect using a router plugged into the LAN port on the M-200i or use the Roland Wireless Connect adapter (WNA1100-RL) plugged into a USB port. Additionally you can connect an iPad using a multi-pin iPad cable included with the M-200i that not only provides wired connectivity but also charges the iPad.

A very intuitive and precise feature is “touch and turn” that allows you to touch a particular parameter on the iPad and control it with a physical knob on the console.

I/O and More
The M-200i also includes a Roland Ethernet Audio Communication (REAC) port that opens the door to powerful expandability options including multi-channel playback/recording, additional remote physical inputs, and personal mixing system.  The REAC port can expand the number of physical inputs by connecting one of the popular Digital Snakes heads such as the S-1608 — a 16-input, 8-output box — connected via a single, inexpensive Cat5e/6 cable. In addition, the REAC port can provides live multi-channel recording using Cakewalk’s SONAR Producer.

For flexibility in monitor mixing, the Roland M-200i also supports Roland's M-48 Personal Mixing System.

Availability is expected in January 2013.

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