Arkaservice Setup for Sicilian Concert Includes K-array Gear

by Frank Hammel
in International News

For a mid-March concert at the Teatro Aurora in this Sicilian town, Arkaservice provided K-array gear. The concert featured pianist Danilo Rea and singer Gino Paoli.SANT'AGATA DI MILITELLO, Italy — For a mid-March concert at the Teatro Aurora in this Sicilian town, Arkaservice provided K-array gear. The concert featured pianist Danilo Rea and singer Gino Paoli. Arkaservice’s Salvo Barone worked with the show’s sound engineer, Luca Giannerini to cover the venue — and avoid the need for front fills — with K-array’s KR200 on each side of the stage.

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People have raved about various features that set K-array products apart from the rest: sound quality, versatility, sleek designs yet powerful performance. We recently partnered up with Arkaservice who has added another attribute to the list of K-array qualities: it makes the sound engineer’s life so much easier, with K-array we can wave goodbye to long hours of dismantling and coming home in the middle of the night with an overloaded truck.

Arkaservice, the Sicilian rental company has become quite fond of the made in Italy brand and chose it for the performance of the famous pianist Danilo Rea and singer Gino Paoli at the Teatro Aurora di S. Agata di Militello on March 16th. The duo have been touring our Italian peninsula for several months performing a repertoire of classics from important names such as De Andrè, Jacques Brel and of course, also from Paoli. The duo and the well-placed sound system created an intimate and elegant feeling amongst the audience.

Arkaservice was responsible for the technical service of the evening and suggested to Luca Giannerini, the show’s sound engineer, that he use K-array’s KR200  because it could bring out the performers amazing talent, while staying discreetly hidden and giving a wide and uniform coverage for the whole audience.

Giannerini had already had the opportunity to work with K-array’s larger systems such as the KH15 and was enthusiastic to accept Arkaservice’s proposal to use K-array for the show.

The Teatro di Sant’Agata di Militello can fit 150 seats in the balcony and 250 in platea, running up to a total length of 35 meters. Arkaservice’s Salvo Barone, who was the sound engineer that night, said, “To get coverage for all the rows up until the very last one, including the balcony’s last rows, I only had to position the KR200 on both sides of the stage and slightly incline the top half, I didn’t even need a front-fill, which I really wanted to avoid so I could keep the sound as natural as possible. I slightly tuned the piano and used a flat preset found in the system… that’s it. If you think that the first row is just 1 meter from the stage, it was incredible that the KR200 was comfortable for those patrons too. The sound was perfectly uniform, real and above all natural.”

“It was a memorable evening,” Salvo concluded. “Everything was as easy as apple pie: I set up the system alone, and when Giannerini came in, we were operative in no time at all; he was pleasantly surprised at how quick and easily we did the sound check. The dismantle was just as easy: the show finished at 11:30pm and I was home by 1:00am, a record-time for those of us in this business!”

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