German Unity Celebration in China Heard via Sennheiser, K-array Gear

by Frank Hammel
in International News

Along with a speech by consul general Wolfgang Roehr, the event featured live music from the Rolf Becker Big Band.SHANGHAI, China — Expatriates from Germany marked Oct. 3, German Unity Day, with a celebration at the Hotel Intercontinental Expo here on Oct. 8. The German Consulate sponsored the event, which included a speech by consul general Wolfgang Roehr along with live music. Event sponsor Sennheiser and Real Live provided microphones and two K-array Redline series systems for the event.

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German Unity Day is annually held on October 3rd to mark the anniversary of the nation's reunification of East and West Germany in 1990 after 40 years of division following World War II. Whether you are in Germany at the time or living and working abroad, this reunification is of course a good reason to throw one heck of a party – and that’s exactly what Shanghai’s German expat community did! The German Consulate in Shanghai held a reception at the Hotel Intercontinental Expo on October 8th to honor this pivotal day in history.

The reception was open to all Germans and friends of Germany, and was sponsored by German companies in China. As an audio specialist from Germany, Sennheiser (K-array’s official distributor in the region) was pleased to have been one of the companies that sponsored the event. The reception was amplified by Sennheiser’s microphones which were used for the band, vocals and also for a speech given by Wolfgang Roehr, consul general of the German Consulate in Shanghai.

Rolf Becker and his Big Band performed to a reported 1,000 guests, as did singer Frank Bray. The orchestra’s 15 member band was set up to reflect class and style and not the rock-on attitude of a Rock n’ Roll concert. With class in mind, Real Live, Sennheiser China’s technical partner for similar set ups, decided to go for 2 K-array Redline series systems: a KR402 for the main PA, which were placed on both sides of the stage. They were chosen for their ability to vary the vertical dispersion pattern for controlled coverage. A number of KR202s for side–fills were also chosen because a high tech ultra-light powered stereo system was needed for the perfect balance between the intelligibility of the spoken word & the crisp sound of music.

Time was also of great importance – the installation of the audio equipment only took 2 hours. Quality, fast set up and elegance are typical characteristics associated with K-array systems. The technicians were freed up to do thorough sound checks and to relax and enjoy the sounds that floated through the air of long - ago times and of a Germany thousands of kilometers away.