Riedel Communications Marks 25 Years

by Frank Hammel
in International News

Riedel Marks 25 YearsWUPPERTAL, Germany — Riedel Communications celebrated its 25th anniversary at its headquarters here with a party for 1,400 and entertainment that ranged from Klezmer and jazz performances to high-wire acts, a robot band (playing heavy metal, of course) outdoor whirlpools and a fire show.

The event served as the finale to a year of projects that included the Olympic Games, the UEFA Euro 2012 and the Red Bull Stratos project. The event was organized with help from Lleyendecker, Fischer and Friends, Creative Technology, Kirberg Catering, Scenum and Ortvision.

"It is incredible, what my team realized in the last 25 years," Thomas Riedel said. "Their dedication and passion play a vital role in our success. We are looking forward to the coming years. We already have some interesting ideas for projects and products lined up.”

For more information, please visit www.riedel.net.