Adlib Supplies L-Acoustics K1 System for Radiohead European Tour

by Frank Hammel
in International News

Adlib provides L-Acoustics for RadioheadLIVERPOOL, U.K. — Adlib’s audio division is supplying an L-Acoustics K1 sound system and delays for the U.K. and European leg of Radiohead’s current world tour. They are also supplying two of their top engineers —Tony Szabo and George Puttock — who are working with the Radiohead audio team.

The main hangs include 14 K1’s per side with four KARA downfills, and next to these is an array of eight flown K1 SB subs a side. The side/outer left-and-right hangs are made up from ten K1 speakers with six KARA downfills, which can be split into two arrays per side for the larger venues. On the floor are 24 L-Acoustics SB28 subs in a left-center-right cardioid arrangement.

Just behind FOH, the flown delay system consists of three hangs, each with nine L-Acoustics KUDO. Additionally, Adlib is supplying four ARCs speakers per side for front fills and six KARA lip fills positioned along the front of the stage.

Radiohead is touring with its own FOH control and complete monitor system. “The Radiohead crew are all brilliant as well as very talented in their fields,” says Szabo. “All departments work together symbiotically, and it’s a big collaboration that produces the amazing end result.”

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