The Brothers Four Tour Japan with Adamson Metrix System

by Frank Hammel
in International News

Adamson Metrix loudspeakers reinforced the sold-out performance of The Brothers Four at Yomiuri Otemachi Hall in Japan.KYOTO, Japan — The Brothers Four, founded by University of Washington fraternity brothers and known for their early 1960s hits “Greenfields,” “Seven Daffodils” and “Green Leaves of Summer,” recently completed a 21-show Golden Japan Tour. OTA Audio provided an Adamson Metrix loudspeaker system.

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OTA Audio was tasked with designing a system flexible enough to handle different sized venues. The versatility of the Metrix enclosures easily accommodated everything from smaller, intimate club settings to larger performance halls on the schedule.

“My original perception of the Metrix system was that it is was designed for rock and roll, not necessarily acoustic groups,” explains Mr. Ota, managing director of OTA Audio. “But I have found that it provides a high performance acoustic sound. The band sounds pure and unprocessed.”

The Brothers Four toured with 12 Metrix enclosures that are typically ground stacked, six per side, to the left and right of the stage. Four Metrix subwoofers — two per side, stacked below the Metrix enclosures — provided low end support. The system was powered by four Powersoft K3 DSP+AESOP.

The tour kicked off with two performances at Yomiuri Otemachi Hall in Tokyo in mid-May, which were both sold out. The tour wrapped in Kyoto’s Uji Bunka Center in mid-June.

“With an acoustic act you want to reinforce the instruments and vocals while keeping the sound natural,” adds Mr. Ota. “The Metrix system did that perfectly. We could easily pick up the sensitive nuances during the mix to reinforce the act. The audience and band were quite delighted with the Metrix system.”