Outside Lands Music and Arts Festival

by FOH Staff
in Showtime

The event included performances by Metallica, Foo Fighters, Stevie Wonder, Neil Young and many moreSoundco
Pro Media/UltraSound

Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, CA


FOH Engineers: Big Mick Hughes (Metallica); many others

FOH System Techs, Main Stage: Jason Mills, Tom Lyon

Overnight Engineer: Nathan Harlow

Crew Chief: Ian Dubois

System Techs: Tony Norris (stage tech, main stage), Rick Stansby (stage tech, main stage), Nick Abru (tower tech, main stage), Sean McAdams (PA tech, main stage)



Consoles: Avid VENUE D-Show, DiGiCo (SD5, SD7, and SD8), Midas (Heritage 3000, XL-8), Yamaha PM5D

Speakers: Meyer Sound LEO-M (30), MICA (26), 1100-LFC (24), 700-HP (10)

Processing: Meyer Sound Galileo Callisto (4)


Speakers: Meyer Sound (10) MILO, (2) 700-HP, MJF-212A