DeLuna Fest 2012

by FOH Staff
in Showtime

Headliners included Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Zac Brown Band, Dwight Yoakim, Band of Horses, Florence + The Machine and more.Soundco
Blackhawk Audio

Pensacola Beach
Pensacola, FL


FOH Engineers: Main stage: Lee Moro, Windcreek stage: Lloyd Ellis

Monitor Engineers: Main stage: Charlie Klein, Windcreek stage: Kenny Sellars

Monitor Tech: Main stage: Ted Daniels

Production Manager: Clint Aull

System Techs: Main stage: John Smajda, Windcreek stage: Kenny Sellars



Console: Avid VENUE Profile (Main and Windcreek stages)

Speakers: Main stage: Meyer Sound LEO-M (32), MICA (8), MSL-4 (8), 1100-LFC (24). Windcreek stage: MILO (24), 700-HP (24)

Processing: Main stage: Galileo Callisto (4)


Consoles: Main stage: Yamaha PM5D-RH, Windcreek stage: Avid VENUE Profile

Speakers: Main stage: Meyer Sound MJF-212A