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Illustration by Andy Au

Troubleshooting Audio AND Politics

Baker Lee
FOH at Large

Donald Trump is correct when says that the two party system is rigged. It is rigged, and it has been for many years, which is why — in my opinion — Hillary Clinton will be the next leader of the “free” world. The system is corrupt because it’s all about money and how best to keep the cash flowing into the hands of the oligarchy. I would venture to say that Hillary’s deal to become president was cut eight years ago when Obama was given the job. Of course, things can change, and another candidate could become the POTUS, as long as the chosen person is deemed capable of being a better moneymaker for those in charge. As far as my cynical self can tell, being elected POTUS is much like being a CEO elected to run a large corporation.

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Sound Designer John Leonard

Kevin M. Mitchell
Theater Sound

There is no doubt that John Leonard was pleased to receive the Harold Burris-Meyer Distinguished Career In Sound award — one of the industry’s top honors for sound designers and professionals in theater sound — at the 2016 USITT Expo in Salt Lake City, Yet at the same time, he laughs and points out that “I’m still doing what I’m doing — I’m not dead yet! It’s kind of a lifetime achievement award, but I’m in the middle of working on a show (Hand to God).”

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Managing a Technical Budget

Managing a Technical Budget

Vince Lepore
Sound Sanctuary

If you are a house of worship technical leader, budgeting and accounting may not be at the forefront of your thinking on a day-to-day basis, but properly managing your technical budget should be considered one of the most important parts of your job. Not only are you managing a portion of your congregation’s money, but as a technical leader, it’s in your best interest to make your annual budget go as far as possible each year.

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Funktion One’s Vero system was beta tested at this year’s Ultra Music Festival in Miami

Funktion One Vero - Leaving Clubworld and Hitting the Road

Dan Daley
The Biz

Miami’s Ultra Music Festival reminds one of Fight Club. Not so much because no one talks about it — they do, sometimes to the exclusion of all else, like they were in mid-March, when half of South Florida ignored the Republican presidential primary held that same week and showed up at Bayfront Park in various stages of dress (or undress) and consciousness. But rather because Ultra, like many EDM fests, has turned into a gut-punch contest, to see whose subs can most efficiently rearrange the audience’s internal organs.

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The Primacoustic KickStand (shown here with a Shure Beta 52a microphone) is a heavy mic boom-arm isolator that combines a massive stabilizing base with an isolation pad to eliminate stage or drum riser resonance from entering the microphone.

Get Yer Kicks

Steve La Cerra
Theory and Practice

Everyone likes a little kick drum in their mix. A lot of people like a lot of little kick, or even a lot of big kick in their mix. We at FRONT of HOUSE would like to present some suggestions for getting a killer kick sound without killing yourself.

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New Tour, New Speaker System

David Morgan
On the Digital Edge

David Morgan checks out Clair’s Cohesion-12 line array system for James Taylor’s 2016 tour.

This year’s North American James Taylor tour opened in Lubbock, TX in early April. Not only was I eager to once again mix what James often calls “the best band anywhere,” I was excited at the prospect of working on Clair Global’s new Cohesion-12 system. Over the winter, our production team had agreed to upgrade the touring system to include two 16-deep arrays of the Cohesion-12 cabinets that we would use as our front facing columns. The production would be retaining two 12-high arrays of Clair Global i-3 enclosures for our side facing columns.

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The M18 mixer is iPad controlled.

RCF M18 Digital Mixer and EVOX 8 Speakers

George Peterson
Road Tests

Italy-based RCF has a long history of providing solid, dependable gear used in the most critical applications. So when they debuted their new M18 digital mixer and EVOX series of compact column-array speakers, we were interested in checking these out. While not specifically offered as a package, we took both the M18 and an EVOX 8 system out for a real-world test drive, as the combination of the two creates a powerful, compact and easy to use system for portable grab-and-go gigs.

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SimScale diagram. (More details below)

State of the Loudspeaker: A Future Vision

Phil Graham
Tech Feature

With the imminent arrival of InfoComm 2016, the professional audio industry is rolling out the booths, demo rooms and display trucks to show off what’s new in professional audio technology. Among the myriad sights and sound, many manufacturers will be displaying their latest and greatest loudspeakers.


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Installs in Las Vegas

George Petersen

Rebounding from recession, business in Las Vegas is back on a growth track, with a resurgence in tourists, conventioneers and club-goers joined by an influx in residents who are drawn, not just by the casinos, but also by a revitalized downtown with an emerging arts scene and influx of high-tech startups.

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