Compact Portable P.A. Speakers

by FOH Staff
in Buyer's Guide
FOH Buyers Guide on Compact Portable PA speakers, Oct. 2017
FOH Buyers Guide on Compact Portable PA speakers, Oct. 2017

How big, you might ask, is the compact portable P.A. speaker category of products? The answer, of course, is how strictly you define it.

 For the purposes of this Buyers Guide, we’ve tried to narrow things down even further by just focusing on speaker elements suited to “speakers on a stick”-type gigs — and narrowing things further by zeroing in on just those speakers with 10-inch woofers. That didn’t stop one of our indefatigable sales reps for FRONT of HOUSE and PLSN magazines from trying to get us to include a mention of ADJ’s new Color Stand LED light-up speaker stand in our “speakers on a stick” coverage this month. (Nice try, Greg — and, by the way, mission accomplished!) But for the actual product listings, FOH editor George Petersen hand-picked a list of products that were a little more audio-oriented from his hospital bed, where he was still on the mend following heart surgery, and Victoria Wasylak, associate editor for FOH sister publication MMR, went on the hunt for the photos and specs. Enjoy!

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