The 2017 FRONT of HOUSE Console Survey

by George Petersen
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The 2017 FRONT of HOUSE Console Survey
The 2017 FRONT of HOUSE Console Survey

A month ago, FRONT of HOUSE conducted an extensive reader survey looking for options and (pardon the pun) input on mixing consoles used in live audio applications. We did an emailing to nearly 24,000 readers and received an impressive response with some 4,675 replies. This equates to a return rate of approximately 20%, which in the science of statistical analysis is well above the average for such surveys, where a “good response” is generally defined as being in the 10% to 15% range. Equally telling is the fact despite this being a fairly long survey (nearly two dozen questions), more than 70% of the respondents (3,301) stayed throughout the entire questionnaire.

A couple points from this are clear. One is that FRONT of HOUSE readers are very passionate about this topic, which is determined by both their level of interest in console technology and the industry in general.

In terms of methodology, we also did not attach any premiums to participation — a common tactic with surveys — and feel non-incentivized responses are more accurate than pumping up the numbers with respondents whose sole interest may be a 1-in-4,000 chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card. Our result was higher-quality data from serious industry professionals and the high number of participants not only bears this out but also provided a solid, statistically relevant return rate. We at FRONT of HOUSE would like to thank all those readers who graciously gave their time to help in this project.

To download a PDF of the 2017 FRONT of HOUSE Console Survey, CLICK HERE

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