Digital Wireless Microphones

by George Petersen
in Buyer's Guide
March 2018 FOH Buyers Guide
March 2018 FOH Buyers Guide

Just as consoles, system control and signal processing have made the switch to digital, wireless mics are also making the transition. And wireless audio is ideally suited for the digital domain, whether for the precision of packing more frequencies into smaller bandwidths, applying security encryption or simply taking advantage of transmitting an unaltered digital stream. We looked at some recent offerings and found systems for nearly any application or budget.


At the same time, don’t count out analog systems, which — in many situations — remain a viable alternative. Note that pricing is omitted here, as systems can vary widely depending on transmitter/receiver options and mic/capsule choices and accessories, such as external antennas. Manufacturer URLs are provided if you need more information.

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